Silver Marches

Ghorlaa, the Glumdram, and the Scepter

27 The Drawing Down, 1371
“Ghorlaa, the Glumdram, and the Scepter”

Small_Council.JPGAfter the presentation in the throne room the party was asked to come to the small council to address the leadership of the citadel. The small council consisted of King Harbromm, Bargor the Commander of the Iron Guard, Runor the Paladin of Moradin’s Hammer, Druthina the Seer, Andour the Sage, and Tobin the Quartermaster. During the meeting, the party learned the following.

  • All the forges were busy making weapons except the Fate Forge, where Rokus Stonecleave was making Kingfriend pendants the party.
  • The dwarves were taking account of the contents of the crates and determined that this supplements the stores and the food should hold through the end of summer, however one of the main water sources seems to have gone dry.
  • Runor is standing in for Merwin Deepmantle, the High Hammer who was on a quest in the Underdark trying to find out what happened to a group of four that disappeared months ago.
  • Runor received a message from Merwin that indicated the “wormway” was closed so he is looking for another way to return to the citadel.
  • Druthina the Seer had advised King Harbromm to make the deal with the Moon River Trading Company for this shipment. She also invited the party to come see her for a reading.
  • Toli Stonebeard was assigned to be your assistant while in Citadel Adbar.

The party spent the evening in a bar near their quarters and Niven kept sending Toli off to buy scrolls and stuff. The next day the party went to Moradin’s Temple Library to find out anything they could on Ghorlaa. The librarian, Rigar Axesmith, found that a book called The accounting of Ghorlaa, the Glumdram, and the Scepter had been checked out months ago by Korlo Silverhair, a member of Moradin’s temple, but he and his wife Tarla had fallen ill and not been seen in a long time.

Toli led the group, now joined by Sariel, to Korlo’s home where he loudly announced “Make way for the Kingfriends”. Upon knocking a dog (or wolf) could be heard on the other side of the door and Korlo asked the party to come back at night. Eventually Niven opened the door and found Korlo sickly and laying down on a sofa asking for the party to leave, but a pack of wolves attacked Toli, Se’if, Gaspard, and everyone outside while the wolf inside turned invisible and started attacking, causing two negative levels for both Dwafer and Banderloft. During the course of the battle Korlo’s wife came out of another room, claimed to be protecting Korlo from the party and then sucked his blood killing him. After a brutal battle that included a devastating fireball from the invisible vampire, both vampires turned gaseous and escaped through a drain. Although Niven used “glitterdust” to outline the invisible vampire, only Gaspard, who had cast “see invisible” was able to see him.


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