Silver Marches

Unusual Friends and the Wormway

19 The Drawing Down, 1371
“Unusual Friends and the Wormway”

Glam_Diring.JPG After the battle the party confronted Kai’rel about the dragon. He said he got the wagon from the Orcs and was supposed to deliver it to the Drow and he was never told what was inside. Eventually the party came to believe him. Kai’rel said that if he failed to deliver the package that he would be hunted down and killed and he could no longer be a merchant in the Underdark but he also agreed it would be evil to deliver the Copper Dragon to the Drow. After some discussion, Kai’rel agreed to release the Dragon and give up his life as an Underdark merchant on the promise that he could become part of the Moon River Trading Company.

Before leaving the area the decided to make it look as though his merchant caravan had been destroyed. They busted up three of his wagons (not Slugrim), killed the rothe that were pulling the caravan, strewn some of his less valuable wares around and set fire to the remains of his wagons.

The company, now numbering 20 including the crate carriers, Thrane’s Dwarves, Kai’rel, Slugrim, and Glam’Diring the Copper Dragon, got back on the road. They left the crossroads in all haste and made for the Gap of Grimdamm, a long tunnel with a persistent biting-cold wind and many intersections that seem to draw the denizens of the Underdark.

myconid.jpg After five days of following the tunnel and avoiding confrontation, Thrane led the company away from the tunnel and eventually came to a huge Fungus Cavern completely covered in grey, brown, green, and violet colored toadstools and other fungus. The cave had a musty smell and dampness in the air, the echoing sound of dripping water, and a dim yellowish-green glow emanating from some of the fungus. Druar, Herona’s brother, got out a satchel and carefully made his way through the fungus to a particularly large tan toadstool with dark brown spots. He put the satchel down and returned to the group. After a few moments the toadstool shivered and moved toward the satchel and looked in. At that, the myconoids and fungus parted the way to create a path the party followed through the cavern to a hidden hole.

Everyone dropped down from the cavern into a rough-hewn tube approximately 8 feet in diameter that stretched out in one direction and was caved in from the other. Thrane explained that this tube, called “The Wormway” was created by a burrowing purple worm and led to the caves below Citadel Adbar. The party followed the tube heading roughly north for another four days until, finally, on 27 Drawing Down, they came to the tail end of the rotting corpse of the giant purple worm that filled the tube. The party made their way through the belly of the beast and came out of the mouth hearing the sounds of battle coming from the nearby Caravan Gate underneath Citadel Adbar.


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