Silver Marches

The Mountain Pass

16 The Rotting, 1371
The Mountain Pass

Mountain_Pass.JPGAfter spending some time testing how to use the stones to teleport rather than shock (including some summoning spells) the party finally figured out a way to tie ropes to the stones and climb up so that they were inside them when the charge built up. Everyone was immediately teleported into a snowstorm at the top of the mountain. Everyone was almost weak from starvation as the stones seemed to teleport the party several days into the future (to 25 The Rotting). After sharing some food and getting their bearings the party began to figure out how to get down the mountain.

As the party descended the mountain, the snowstorm steadily got worse. The group encountered a frost troll and it’s trusty trollhound. Because of Niven’s well-placed illusion of the party and some impressive fighting on by Banderloft and Dwafer the troll and it’s pet were dispatched, however they kept regenerating until the party finally burned all the pieces!

Polar_Werebear.jpgVisibility continued to get worse and the wind was ice cold when they came across a raiding party of orcs (several warriors, a barbarian, and a druid). The orcs were easily dispatched but it looked like the druid was going to escape when out of the white blur of snow and wind came a humanoid polar bear that crushed the orc druid, turned toward the party, and said “Come with me if you want to live.”

The were-polar bear quickly led you along the cliff edge and into his lair, a well hidden cave with animal furs and a stoked fire for warmth, and boar on a spit for food. Goramir was a dwarf miner working the nearby Black Spire Mine when he was scratched by a were-bear and became one himself. He has kept mostly to himself and firmly believes he should not return to civilization in his current form. He has made a home for himself on the mountain and his favorite pastime, when he can control his disease, is hunting orcs and ogres and trolls, trying to keep their numbers down. The snowstorm turned into a blizzard while the party slept in the warm cave.

The next morning, Goramir fed the party, showed them the way to the upper-most entrance to the Black Spire Mine. The storm had blown over and the mountain was completely white in fresh-fallen snow and perfect visibility.

Monster_Manual_5e_-_Ogre_-_p237.jpg As the party approached the mine entrance there was a commotion up ahead followed by screams of pain as you witnessed ogres playing wishbone on a dwarf and ripping him in half. Three ogres could be seen and they were getting ready to tear apart their next prisoner when the party attacked. With grease spells causing one ogre to slip and fall, ray of enfeeblement making another ogre weaker, and some darn fine fighting, sneaking and backstabbing, the ogres fell, but not before they killed all but 3 of their miners that had been captured.


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