Silver Marches

Moon River Trading Company

19 Leaffall, 1371
Evermoor Way, Moon River Trading Company, and Calling Circles

WMM.JPGAfter the encounter with the goblins the road North seemed to pass a little easier. The party almost immediately came cross a trader named Bren whose symbol looks like three white peaks (White Mountain Merchants) and who was willing to buy the goblin equipment you picked up. After reaching Triboar the caravan turned North-East on the Evermoor Way. Along the way the party met Malcer Flaxenfields (brewer of fine ales) and saw a large dragon with emerald green scales flying overhead, a young-ish green dragon named Skarkhesseys (pronounced scar-kah-sees), according to DC.

MRTC.JPGAbout 3 days out of Everlund while on patrol in the morning the group was startled to hear sounds of battle from just over the horizon up ahead and see a panicked horse with an obvious acid-burn injury sprinting away from the battle. By the time the party arrived all there was to see was an overturned wagon, two humans and a horse laying still, and four mounds of turned up loose soil. Banderloft saved Jayce, one of the guards for the merchant wagon whose symbol is a crescent over 3 squiggly lines (symbol for the Moon River Trading Company).

Jarem.JPG On 10 Rotting, 1371 the party arrived in Everlund and DC introduced the party to Jarem Davensport, the owner of the Moon River Trading Company. He paid for the party’s time of travel as well as a reward for saving Jayce and his cargo. Jarem also said the he got a message from DC to find out about PureHeart and Oath Blade as well as a Calling Circle in the Silverwood. He sent word to a friend from the Vault of Sages in Silverymoon. They sent Bartrim Anglescloth and his apprentice, Niven Coldwater, down to Everlund. Bartrim talked about the Calling Circle in Silverwood but said it cannot be found directly because of protective wards on it. It was built over 300 years ago to hide an evil artifact called the Scepter of Lorentz. The Calling Circle at the base of the Nether Mountains is easy enough to find but it’s purpose is unknown.
Niven’s research showed that the Oath Blade is one of five powerful weapons created by dwarven armorer Tarryn Warhurst about 70 years ago. The Five, whose actual name is Agola’m A’nym are now strewn throughout the realms. Tarryn is also known for the armors he created, including the PureHeart, a Mithril Shield that that, when borne by one with purity of conviction and devout faith, will reveal additional powers.

MRTC_Coin.JPGJarem then went on to talk about the power struggle in the Silver Marches and the fact that he needs a trustworthy team that can be counted on to “perform unofficial investigations, make secret deliveries, and go on special missions.” Once the group (which now includes Niven the wizard) agreed to work for him, he handed each person a large sliver coin with the company symbol on it and offered everyone a retainer of 2000 gp worth of equipment from his stores.

Tormor.JPGJarem also set up the party in an apartment near the warehouse just over The Dancing Demon (Jarem’s favorite tavern in Everlund) run by a jovial dwarf named Tormor Thickblood.

Ankheg.JPGWith the full moon fast approaching Jarem asked the party to accompany Bartrim and a wagon full of cargo to Silverymoon before looking for the Calling Circle. about 4 hours outside of Silverymoon Ankhegs attacked the wagon but were decisively dispatched by the party. On the hind of the anhkegs there was a symbol of three red scratches (symbol of the bloody claws orc clan), The party then headed for the Calling Circle at the base of the Nether Mountains. Just as the Calling Circle came into view several giant spiders attacked. They were fought off, but not before Banderloft and Dwafer were each poisoned for 2 points of strength damage.


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