Silver Marches

Ents and Worms and Trolls

12 The Drawing Down, 1371
“Ents and Worms and Trolls”

As the party regrouped in the “Guardian Grotto” Fangwood bent down to bring his “face” close to you all and in a deep guttural voice said “You have been most excellent and honorable and you are definitely not orcs. I am glad to know you and to witness your orc killings. Please, all you that killed the orcs, accept these tokens of my gratitude for your renewal of my faith in not orcs.” Several of his roots pulled out of the ground and walls and reached into the tangled knots above his “head”, and pulled out a rootshard for each member of the party (including the dwarves) and then said “And with that, I return to my path” and left.
The party searched the orc bodies and piled up the loot. Among the loot the party came across a note on each of the orc sergeants which shed some light on the meeting happening in the Emerald Falls Cavern.

Over the next seven days the party traversed a considerable distance in the Underdark, passing the Pit, Dromazzkanin (the “Sunken Garden” of roots and fungus), a huge cave filled with columns where the party fought a purple worm, and the Troll Trenches where a battle with a troll family was narrowly avoided by use of a clever illusion.
On 19 Drawing Down, the party found themselves at a crossroads talking to a charismatic merchant with a friendly smile and very smooth voice named Kai’rel. The party had a short discussion about buying his wares and Kai’rel asked Gaspard several questions including weather they had met before. He also referred to Gaspard as a “Glumdram” at one point.

Before long the party and Kai’rel’s caravan was come upon by a party of Duergar who demanded a “special package” that he was delivering to the Drow. When Kai’rel refused, a battle ensued in which Kai’rel reveled himself to be a spellcaster and one of his wagons revealed itself to be a huge and menacing mimic named Slugrim. The party helped defeat the Duergar while Niven focused on getting into an armored wagon to find out what the “special package” was. He found a bound and chained young copper dragon.


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