Silver Marches

Unusual Friends

12 The Drawing Down, 1371
“Unusual Friends”

Having convinced Fangwood the Entroot to join your party and fight the orcs at the Emerald Falls Cavern the party carefully moved forward. Si’ef and Dwafer managed to quietly take out the two orcs on lookout for Clan Blood Tusk before they could blow their horn… allowing the party to get the lay of the land and cast protection spells before the battle started. The crates and carriers even had invisibility sphere cast on them.

The huge cave was lit from the opposite wall by a bright emerald green glow coming from behind a powerful waterfall. The water flowed away from the pool in several large crevices which also divided the cave into several sections. The crevices could be crossed by a series of rope bridges. A number of orcs could be seen in the main cavern as well as from a few balconies, displaying markings of both Clan Blood Tusk and Bloody Claw Tribe on opposite sides of the space. In the middle of the room there were what appeared to be a leader from each clan of orcs talking to a hooded figure that reminded you of the mercenaries you saw in the vision.

Once the battle began and the party had entered the cave they became aware of even more balconies and orcs than originally tought. Through some well-placed spells (like stinking cloud and web), a summoned water elemental that kept Fangwood fire-proof, Fangwood himself rampaging as soon as he was attacked, and all the members of the party making key saves, courageous jumps, and decisive blows, the party was able to kill many of the orcs, including the orc leaders. Some orcs (including an orc druid) and the hooded figure escaped.

During the battle several orcs blew horns to call for reinforcements and as soon as the battle was over more orcs could be heard running toward the cave from one hallway. The group grabbed as many orcs as they could, webbed the hallway shut, and took off.
After running as far as they could with Thrane leading the way they found a cave filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Thrane called this place the “Guardian Grotto” and said it was a good place to regroup and catch their breath.
As the party searched the orc bodies and piled up the loot, Fangwood bent down to bring his “face” close to you all and in a deep guttural voice said “You have been most excellent and honorable and you are definitely not orcs. I am glad to know you and to witness your orc killings. Please, all you that killed the orcs, accept these tokens of my gratitude for your renewal of my faith in not orcs.” Several of his roots pulled out of the ground and walls and reached into the tangled knots above his “head”, and pulled out a rootshard for each member of the party (including the dwarves) and then said “And with that, I return to my path” and left.

Among the loot the party came across a note on each of the orc sergeants which shed some light on the meeting happening in the Emerald Falls Cavern.

Over the next seven days the party traversed a considerable distance in the Underdark, passing the Pit, Dromazzkanin (the “Sunken Garden” of roots and fungus), a huge cave filled with columns where the party fought a purple worm, and the Troll Trenches where a battle with a troll family was narrowly avoided by use of a clever illusion.
On 19 Drawing Down, the party found themselves at a crossroads talking to a charismatic merchant with a friendly smile and very smooth voice named Kai’rel. The party had a short discussion about buying his wares and Kai’rel asked Gaspard several questions including weather they had met before. He also referred to Gaspard as a “Glumdram” at one point.

Before long the party and Kai’rel’s caravan was come upon by a party of Duergar who demanded a “special package” that he was delivering to the Drow. When Kai’rel refused, a battle ensued in which Kai’rel reveled himself to be a spellcaster and one of his wagons revealed itself to be a huge and menacing mimic named Slugrim. The party helped defeat the Duergar while Niven focused on getting into an armored wagon to find out what the “special package” was. He found a bound and chained young copper dragon.
After the battle the party confronted Kai’rel about the dragon. He said he got the wagon from the Orcs and was supposed to deliver it to the Drow and he was never told what was inside. Eventually the party came to believe him. Kai’rel said that if he failed to deliver the package that he would be hunted down and killed and he could no longer be a merchant in the Underdark but he also agreed it would be evil to deliver the Copper Dragon to the Drow. After some discussion, Kai’rel agreed to release the Dragon and give up his life as an Underdark merchant on the promise that he could become part of the Moon River Trading Company.

Before leaving the area the decided to make it look as though his merchant caravan had been destroyed. They busted up three of his wagons (not Slugrim), killed the rothe that were pulling the caravan, strewn some of his less valuable wares around and set fire to the remains of his wagons.

The Underdark

5 The Drawing Down, 1371
The Underdark

At dawn on 5 Drawing Down Banderloft led the way to Rhyester’s Matins (Lathander’s temple in Silverymoon). Immediately Kuth Charagon, Mornmaster’s second, approached and said “this may sound strange, but Onadar, our Mornmaster, asked me to bring you to him when you arrived. He described your shield and said you’d be here. I thought he was waking from a dream or something, but then you walked in.”

He led the party to the Mornmaster’s quarters to meet Onadar, a frail, elderly man with a white beard and white hair grown out of control and barely enough strength to whisper. He motioned for Banderloft to lean close and whispered “I’m dying and this church needs your help. My paryers were answered with a vision of you returning to Rhyster’s Matins with something called ‘The BrightDawn’ and placing it on the altar. The BrightDawn will choose my successor as Mornmaster.”

The party then met up with Jayce at the warehouse and prepared for the journey to Citadel Adbar through the Underdark. Jayce led the party through the city and to a small house. Once inside he opened a secret hatch in the floor that led to a huge staircase leading hundreds of feet down. There you met Thrane Swifthammer and his troop of dwarves Klona, Runkon, Druar, Herona (brother and sister), and Farum to accompany you on your journey. You also met Marcus, Tanon, Jon, Garon, and Krane who, along with Jayce, carry the crates.

After demonstrating the crates capabilities (light, floating disk, extra dimensional space controlled by the keys) Thrane led the way through a series of passageways with many twists and turns until you reached the Grey Snake, an underground river named for the minerals in the water giving it a greyish hew and chemical taste, although it is safe to drink. The party followed the Grey Snake for a few days, fighting a grey ooze, passing a fungus meadow and even hearing a flock of stirges during watch at night. At the start of the 3rd day underground (8 Drawing Down) a spider the size of a buckler shield falls from the ceiling and lands directly in front of Thrane. Thrane fed the creature and said it’s a carrier spider named Kloston as he removed a small note.

“Orcs have taken main road and started the blockade above ground. Drow have been seen outside Mezobarazzan. They will take the West Passage before month end. Hurry!”

Thrane said that at the current pace the party would not arrive in the Citadel by month end so the party decided to step up the pace and risk fatigue and detection. Moving at the brisk pace the party reached the 5-way crossing and turned away from the Grey Snake. The party faced a flock of stirges where benign transposition saved several team members from continued constitution drain. The party met Patronious, a Minotaur that recently escaped some kind of weird gladiator pit. After a discussion the party gave him directions to exit the Underdark outside of Silverymoon and even gave him one of the Moon River Trading Company coins to give to Jarem.
vegepygmy.jpgNext the party came to a room ½ covered in reddish brown mold growing over the floor and walls, and covering several mounds on the floor. An epic “Knowledge dungeoneering” check by Se’if identified it as a Vegepygmy patch, a dangerous mold that causes constitution damage and if it kills you a new patch springs up from your body, including small plant creatures that incubate in your body. After much planning the party used summoned elementals to carry the party (except Niven) across the mold while hiding in the crates. Despite all the planning, as soon as the elementals passed over the mold Vegepygmies jumped out of the mounds and attacked, but to very little effect.

Entroot.jpgContinuing on later that day the cave bent to the left and the party was facing what appeared to be a dense thicket of roots, gnarled with large knots and fresh axe cuts. Near the center of the root bundle the roots seemed to form facial features. Before you do anything, the root structure moves 10 feet toward you (1/2 the distance) and says menacingly “BE YOU ORCS? I SEE AXES!” The Entroot, is named Fangwood Gnarlroot. Fangwood explained that he had just escaped an orc tribe that attacked him with axes and fireballs and he described the cave where he fought the orcs. Thrane said he knows this as a place called Emerald Falls, not far from where the party was. After a long discussion, during which Fangwood relied on the Paladin’s honor, the party finally convinced him to join them to fight a group of orcs under the following conditions. The party (specifically the Paladin) promised to protect him, even providing a water elemental to help protect him from the “fireball” he described. They also promised to give Fangwood at least 2 live orcs for him to kill himself.
As the party prepared for the orc battle late in the day 12 Drawing Down, Banderloft used all but one “lay on hands” using his mercy to remove the fatigued condition from everyone except Niven. No other daily resources were depleted.

"The Hidden"

1 The Drawing Down, 1371
“The Hidden”

After arriving at Everlund docks the surviving soldiers, led by Captain Striker, disembarked to report into the town guard. Firebeard, the barge captain accompanied you to the Moon River Trading Company storefront. After briefly talking to Firebeard, Jerem led you to a back room and debriefed the party on everything that happened since he last saw you. After listening to everything, Jerem recommended you go to the Vault of Sages to research the symbol and the arcane lay line. He also suggested you bring the priest’s body to Luck Priestess Lady Orsey at Fortune Hall. Jerem indicated that he needed you to head to Silverymoon soon anyway. He paused, leaned in, and whispered “now for the scary one…”

“Over the last several months I’ve heard whispers of someone or something that has been able to unite orcish clans under a single banner. I now fear that it is much worse than I originally thought… based upon the orc troop movement that you witnessed. The rumor is that it is not an orc at all, but the only name I’ve been able to ascertain after exhausting all possible leads is ‘Ghorlaa’ which is no name at all and is simply the Orcish word for “the Hidden”.

Jerem also gave the party members supplies and 2000 gp MRTC credit to prepare for the next assignment, accompanying an important caravan headed to Citadel Adbar through the Underdark. But first he needed the party to investigate a shipment to Silverymoon that went missing a few days ago and make every effort to retrieve a small chest hidden in the false bottom of one crate. The small chest is to be delivered to Rokus Stonecleave at Citadel Adbar. He holds the key.

Ettin.jpgA little past ½ way to Silverymoon the party followed some clues (upturned earth, dried blood, drag marks) East from the road and eventually found a Grizzly Bear next to a damaged crate. Once the party engaged the bear an Ettin came up behind the party and attacked the rear guard. Dwafer took on the bear and Banderloft stood toe-to-toe with the Ettin and both managed to overcome. The rogue was able to find the hidden chest and recover a few other items of value (including a +1 dagger stuck in the bear’s shoulder, masterwork breastplate and greatsword, size small adamantium dagger, a metal chest with flasks of acid and oil, and another small chest with 1200 gp).

A few hours outside of Silverymoon the Se’if and Niven spot an orc archer standing guard atop a hill just off the road. Using invisibility and stealth the party took out two orc archers and took the orc raiding party by surprise. The orcs were easily destroyed. As these orcs were part of the Bloody Claws orc clan (same symbol as the as the attacking ankhegs), so Gaspard suggested the orc bodies be carved with the Blood Tooth clan symbol in an attempt cause discord between the clans.

At the end of the day of 3 The Drawing Down the party entered Silverymoon. The next morning Banderloft led the party to Fortune Hall and met the Luck Priestess, Lady Orsey. She led you down to the catacombs below the temple and put the body of Lorras the Lucky on a stone platform. She said that he disappeared from Fortune Hall about five months ago and his son is being cared for by the temple. She took out a large coin with Tymora’s image and placed it on Lorras’ forehead. She asks you all to stand around the body, place your hands on him, and close your eyes and she utters a prayer to Tymora… Immediately you are brought back to the Dungeon where you found the PureHeart and you seem to be seeing through Lorras’ eyes…

You are back in the water room with the black path with the water draining out. You are being held by two thugs (dressed like the bodies you cut down from the roots) and in front of you is a tall dark figure with a hood pulled over his head, hiding his face. He is holding the PureHeart, using a rag so as not to accidentally “touch” it, and you can see the symbol tattooed on the back of his hand. In a growly voice he orders another soldier “Open the portal and bring the cleric into the chamber.” He then looks at you and says “You will channel your god when the statues enter the temple or your son will spend his life as my slave!” You are then dragged into the final room of the dungeon while the dark figure waits out-of-sight.

The dwarven statues come out of the walls and say “Demonstrate, so we may see, your good intent, and let you be”

You see Lorras hold up his holy symbol and pray to Tymora and the statues say “To exit this place you must be within the standing stones when they when they are fully charged.” then return to the walls.

You see a scepter on a stand against the back wall of the room. It has a black and silver metal handle and a large glowing green gemstone. The dark figure moves past you and eagerly picks up the scepter and slams down PureHeart onto the stand.
One of the soldiers asks “Is that the one, Gh…”

“SILENCE” says the hooded figure, “Kill him” as he points to you and suddenly everything goes dark!

Lastly, the party visited the Vault of Sages and met with Niven’s mentor Bartrim Anglescloth. After much discussion

  • The archivists will research the symbol that Niven drew for him
  • The sages are going to study the remains of the pick that absorbed arcane energy from the lay line
  • The Scepter from the vision is “The Scepter of Lorentz” an evil artifact that was hidden over 300 years ago because the clerics and wizards in the Silver Marches were unable to destroy it no matter what they tried

Finally, “Ghorlaa” and “the Hidden” sounded familiar to Bartrim. He disappeared for a while and came back with an old scroll.
After reading the scroll Bartrim tells you the High Hammer of Citadel Adbar in 1023 is still the High Hammer today. He tells you he had the scribes make this copy of this scroll for you to take with you.

Orcs and Giants

26 The Rotting, 1371
Orcs and Giants

In the aftermath of the battle with the fire mephitis Gilmer, Kahmala, and Baroun try to take stock of what was and was not lost. Accounting for the 9 miners that were killed by the Ogres before you saved them and the bodies that they can find slaughtered and burned in the bonfire, there are still 4 miners that they couldn’t find, 2 dwarves (brothers named Kilim and Klonas) and 2 humans (Shawna and Millen). You find your way to a safe room on the other side of the explosion and it is locked from the other side. The door is surprisingly strong and clearly made by master dwarven craftsmen. After giving the all clear knock signal, Shana, Kilim and Klonas open the door. They had been hiding in there, along with a cart of oar that they pulled in with them. The Oar is silver in color, but with two shades…(mostly silver, with a small bit of mithril) They are shocked and horrified when they hear the tale of everything that has befallen the miners and they have no idea where Millen may be, although he was further away from the blast.

orc_army.jpgThe party decided to look for Millen before doing anything else, thinking he may have escaped to the exit. They made their way through the active mine and along the long path to the exit. On the way they came across another apparent cave-in. Upon closer inspection, you find that it just appears to be a cave in and was actually camouflage to hide two more ore carts by making it look like it was a cave-in. Upon reaching the exit the party sees a large orc patrol (more than 30 strong, with warg riders) stopping for lunch not even 100 feet from the mine entrance. What’s more, Millen could be clearly seen hiding in the bushes approximately ¾ of the way to the orcs. With a silent image illusion Niven was able to hide both Millen and the mine entrance until the orcs finally continued their march North. Once the orcs pass, it is fairly late. Millen is reunited with the other survivors and they all lament everything that has befallen them.

The surviving miners decide to try and clear and lock up equipment in the safe rooms and storage rooms as though closing for the winter. They were going to have to close down shortly anyway, and with almost all of the mining crew dead, they are not able to continue. The party stayed the night in the mine and in the morning set forth down the mountain. The path was not easy and it took two whole days to get to Sundabar. The night is passed at a hidden shelter half way between the mine and Sundabar. Although it is very unusual to see orcs in such numbers out during the day. It seems as though they are marching north for something, and at in the morning black smoke could be seen rising from the direction of the orc party, along with 2 others, one in front of the party and one behind the party.

The miners were recognized and the party was able to enter Sunabar without incident. The MRTC is prominent there and when you showed your coin and told your story to the manager of the MRTC store (Horace Bluefire) he said “Jarem is looking for your party and you are to accompany the oar and other items on a barge leaving tomorrow down the River Rauvin toward Everlund and Silverymoon. The captain of the trade barge is just called Firebeard… you’ll know why when you see him.”

As you were brought to barge you saw a huge man standing at the helm with a coppery tone to his skin and as he turns toward you see his beard is red, orange, and yellow and appears to be dancing like a fire.

Hill_giant_-_Jason_Engle.jpgThe barge stopped in Jalanthar and Lhuvenshead along the four day ride to Everlund. A few hous past Lhuvenshead you saw a battle going on up ahead. It appeared to be a group of Confederation of the Silver Marches soldiers fighting Hill Giants… and the barge was quickly closing ground. As you get closer you see one of the four giants drop, but the militia men are taking tremendous losses. The party engaged as quickly as possible with benign transposition with injured soldiers, and the barge guards unleashed volley after volley of arrows, bringing down one of the giants. Finally, the party and the 5 soldiers that remained standing were able to bring down the last two giants. After checking the 25 soldiers laying injured and dead, 9 more were able to be tended and saved. As the sun set on 1 The Drawing Down, 1371 the barge entered the walls of Everlund.

The Black Spire Mine

26 The Rotting, 1371
Black Spire Mine

With the ogres dead, the party healed themselves and tended to the three injured that they saved from the ogres. The names of the saved miners were Gilmer the dwarf (the one enlarged Dwafer switched places with), Kahmala the dwarf (female), and Baroun the human. The dwarves were from Citadel Felbarr, a dwarven stronghold north of Sundabar, and the human was from Sundabar and works for the Moon River Trading Company. The mine had been abandoned due to the increased numbers of orcs and other nasties, but a few years ago when the dwarves retook Citadel Felbarr, they entered into a contract with the Moon River Trading Company to reactivate the mine as a shared venture.

That morning the miners were working a deep vein when an explosion happened. The amount of dust and falling rock made them think it was a possible cave-in. About a dozen of them managed to get to the emergency chute (the black spire is the name of the vertical tunnel that spans the mines levels and gives the mine it’s name). They released the tie and were quickly pulled up the spire to evacuate at the top level and exit the cave…. But the ran into the ogres and were easily captured… the ogres were playing the wishbone game on our friends (for food and treasure, we think) when you arrived.

They are also able to confirm Goramir’s telling that you are in the central Nether Mountains, not too far above the city of Sundabar (a major city in the Silver Marches that lays on the River Rauvin)

Once everyone was cared for and collected, the decision was made to delve into the mine rather than risk more ogres. Not knowing what’s up ahead, the miners guided the party back down into the mine.

They lead everyone into large anti-chamber (where the ogres had stuck the miners into the ceiling) and through a series of smaller tunnels, past some inactive mines and down a couple of levels where you came to a large basket hanging above a deep hole about 20 feet across. The miners gathered everyone into the basket and then used a rope and pulley system to guide the basket down the spire. The descent was slow-going and tedious but as the party grew nearer to the cave in/explosion, the air grew thick with dust and smoke. They stopped to check a nearby safe room to see if any other survivors were there, but clearly no one had been there.
Finally the party came to the room where the explosion took place and found the entrance filled with rubble to within a foot or so of the cave ceiling. Peeking over the rubble revealed a large room with several small fire creatures that appeared to be securing the room. Also visible was a large fire burning in the middle of the room (causing the smoke in the mine) as well as a blue-ish glow coming from a hallway. While observing them, one creature dragged a human body and piled it onto the fire while other creatures seemed to be shoring up the rubble pile, trying to completely block off the room.

Using an ingenious invisibility/benign transposition trick, the party was able to engage these fire creatures quickly. While the party was definitely able to take these creatures down, the party also learned that they had a fiery breath weapon, could summon more of their kind, just had to stand in the bonfire to be healed. In addition, the closer the arcane casters got to the glowing hallway, the more they felt an unusual sensation… not a wild magic area, not a dead magic area, but a “strong” magic area. Casting spells in the area had a chance of not being consumed by the casting. Eventuallyl the last fire mephit was destroyed and the casters attended to the glowing light while the paladin attended to the wounded.

The glowing light was actually a miner’s pick stuck into the wall and acting as a conduit from a magical lay line on one end of the pick to some sort of portal on the other end (where the fire mephitis came from). Gaspard and Niven both felt the area as almost a “pure” or “raw” magic area until they were able to pry the pick out. The pick seemed to absorb power from the lay line and from the portal and melted into a blob on the floor of the cave. Detecting magic on the metal blob shows strong enchantment and conjuration.

The Mountain Pass

16 The Rotting, 1371
The Mountain Pass

Mountain_Pass.JPGAfter spending some time testing how to use the stones to teleport rather than shock (including some summoning spells) the party finally figured out a way to tie ropes to the stones and climb up so that they were inside them when the charge built up. Everyone was immediately teleported into a snowstorm at the top of the mountain. Everyone was almost weak from starvation as the stones seemed to teleport the party several days into the future (to 25 The Rotting). After sharing some food and getting their bearings the party began to figure out how to get down the mountain.

As the party descended the mountain, the snowstorm steadily got worse. The group encountered a frost troll and it’s trusty trollhound. Because of Niven’s well-placed illusion of the party and some impressive fighting on by Banderloft and Dwafer the troll and it’s pet were dispatched, however they kept regenerating until the party finally burned all the pieces!

Polar_Werebear.jpgVisibility continued to get worse and the wind was ice cold when they came across a raiding party of orcs (several warriors, a barbarian, and a druid). The orcs were easily dispatched but it looked like the druid was going to escape when out of the white blur of snow and wind came a humanoid polar bear that crushed the orc druid, turned toward the party, and said “Come with me if you want to live.”

The were-polar bear quickly led you along the cliff edge and into his lair, a well hidden cave with animal furs and a stoked fire for warmth, and boar on a spit for food. Goramir was a dwarf miner working the nearby Black Spire Mine when he was scratched by a were-bear and became one himself. He has kept mostly to himself and firmly believes he should not return to civilization in his current form. He has made a home for himself on the mountain and his favorite pastime, when he can control his disease, is hunting orcs and ogres and trolls, trying to keep their numbers down. The snowstorm turned into a blizzard while the party slept in the warm cave.

The next morning, Goramir fed the party, showed them the way to the upper-most entrance to the Black Spire Mine. The storm had blown over and the mountain was completely white in fresh-fallen snow and perfect visibility.

Monster_Manual_5e_-_Ogre_-_p237.jpg As the party approached the mine entrance there was a commotion up ahead followed by screams of pain as you witnessed ogres playing wishbone on a dwarf and ripping him in half. Three ogres could be seen and they were getting ready to tear apart their next prisoner when the party attacked. With grease spells causing one ogre to slip and fall, ray of enfeeblement making another ogre weaker, and some darn fine fighting, sneaking and backstabbing, the ogres fell, but not before they killed all but 3 of their miners that had been captured.

The Cranesfall Dungeon

15 The Rotting, 1371
The Cranesfall Dungeon

CallingCircleHills.JPGAfter searching the spiders nest and finding a Ring of Protection +1 the party studied the Calling Circle stones which are six black triangular obelisk stones stretching out of the barren ground of the foothills and marked with engraved lines and holes all over, some lining up between facing stones.

CallingCircleForest.JPGWhen the full moon crossed overhead those inside the circle got a light show that grew extremely bright and when it faded away, the party was standing in another calling circle, this time in the forest. Six stone dwarf-shaped golems extricated themselves from the stones and the party heard in dwarven “Demonstrate, so we may see, your good intent, and let you be.” Once the paladin used Lay on Hands to channel positive energy the party was told to stay within site of the circle and be within it when the full moon passed overhead and the golems reinserted themselves into the stones.

Symbol.JPGThe party teleported into the dungeon in the Calling Circle room but the obelisk stones protruded out of the ceiling and the party fell to the floor, meanwhile the calling stones were charging up and occasionally fill the room with electricity. From there the party found the root room (with some bodies tangled up in the roots near the ceiling where the roots are animated). Upon cutting down the bodies, the group found a masterwork long sword and magic backpack filled with mundane items and discovered a symbol branded on the neck of each of the mercenaries’ bodies. They then headed south through cavern with a rope bridge high over an underground river and through a riddle door into the symbol room where they had to figure out which plates were safe to step on, making use of an unseen servant carrying a dead body. The party made their way to another room with a riddle that they figured out meant “Every second step is a trap” before going down a long staircase that was about 100 steps down.

At the bottom of the stairs was a metal door that opened by turning a wheel on it. The party found themselves in a large hexagonal room with a winding black path of polished marble and the rest of the room covered with yellow and green fungus that glowed and released spores when touched. The opposite door had a locking mechanism with five puzzles and five locks, but as soon as someone approached the door, the entry door flew shut and the room started filling with icy cold water and the occasional snake. The puzzles were easy enough if you knew your local history, especially dwarven history, but the locks were tough to pick. The water was 11 feet deep once the rogue picked the last lock and the room began to drain and the door unlocked.
Opening the door, the party found an alter meant to hold something else with a large shield awkwardly placed on top, the body of a priest of Tymora on the floor, and six dwarf-shaped statues that look like the golems of the standing stones in the Calling Circle. Once Banderloft picked up the PureHeart the statues came to life. After a quick Lay on Hands the group heard in dwarven “To exit this place you must be within the standing stones when they when they are fully charged”.

Finally the party returned to the entry area to check out the circular staircase and found that to be a trap with a gelatinous cube at the bottom to clean up the mess. After defeating the cube the party found, in addition to some gold, platinum and silver, several mundane items and an Amulet of Natural Armor +1 and a +1 Long Sword.

Moon River Trading Company

19 Leaffall, 1371
Evermoor Way, Moon River Trading Company, and Calling Circles

WMM.JPGAfter the encounter with the goblins the road North seemed to pass a little easier. The party almost immediately came cross a trader named Bren whose symbol looks like three white peaks (White Mountain Merchants) and who was willing to buy the goblin equipment you picked up. After reaching Triboar the caravan turned North-East on the Evermoor Way. Along the way the party met Malcer Flaxenfields (brewer of fine ales) and saw a large dragon with emerald green scales flying overhead, a young-ish green dragon named Skarkhesseys (pronounced scar-kah-sees), according to DC.

MRTC.JPGAbout 3 days out of Everlund while on patrol in the morning the group was startled to hear sounds of battle from just over the horizon up ahead and see a panicked horse with an obvious acid-burn injury sprinting away from the battle. By the time the party arrived all there was to see was an overturned wagon, two humans and a horse laying still, and four mounds of turned up loose soil. Banderloft saved Jayce, one of the guards for the merchant wagon whose symbol is a crescent over 3 squiggly lines (symbol for the Moon River Trading Company).

Jarem.JPG On 10 Rotting, 1371 the party arrived in Everlund and DC introduced the party to Jarem Davensport, the owner of the Moon River Trading Company. He paid for the party’s time of travel as well as a reward for saving Jayce and his cargo. Jarem also said the he got a message from DC to find out about PureHeart and Oath Blade as well as a Calling Circle in the Silverwood. He sent word to a friend from the Vault of Sages in Silverymoon. They sent Bartrim Anglescloth and his apprentice, Niven Coldwater, down to Everlund. Bartrim talked about the Calling Circle in Silverwood but said it cannot be found directly because of protective wards on it. It was built over 300 years ago to hide an evil artifact called the Scepter of Lorentz. The Calling Circle at the base of the Nether Mountains is easy enough to find but it’s purpose is unknown.
Niven’s research showed that the Oath Blade is one of five powerful weapons created by dwarven armorer Tarryn Warhurst about 70 years ago. The Five, whose actual name is Agola’m A’nym are now strewn throughout the realms. Tarryn is also known for the armors he created, including the PureHeart, a Mithril Shield that that, when borne by one with purity of conviction and devout faith, will reveal additional powers.

MRTC_Coin.JPGJarem then went on to talk about the power struggle in the Silver Marches and the fact that he needs a trustworthy team that can be counted on to “perform unofficial investigations, make secret deliveries, and go on special missions.” Once the group (which now includes Niven the wizard) agreed to work for him, he handed each person a large sliver coin with the company symbol on it and offered everyone a retainer of 2000 gp worth of equipment from his stores.

Tormor.JPGJarem also set up the party in an apartment near the warehouse just over The Dancing Demon (Jarem’s favorite tavern in Everlund) run by a jovial dwarf named Tormor Thickblood.

Ankheg.JPGWith the full moon fast approaching Jarem asked the party to accompany Bartrim and a wagon full of cargo to Silverymoon before looking for the Calling Circle. about 4 hours outside of Silverymoon Ankhegs attacked the wagon but were decisively dispatched by the party. On the hind of the anhkegs there was a symbol of three red scratches (symbol of the bloody claws orc clan), The party then headed for the Calling Circle at the base of the Nether Mountains. Just as the Calling Circle came into view several giant spiders attacked. They were fought off, but not before Banderloft and Dwafer were each poisoned for 2 points of strength damage.

DC Marvels and The Long Road

6 Leaffall, 1371
Waterdeep, DC Marvels’ Moment of Wonder, and The Long Road

DC_Marvels.JPG In the morning, DC Marvels meets with the leadership at the Spires of the Morning (Waterdeeps largest temple to Lathander). Following the meeting, a Dawn Knight Paladin named Alavra Cartia summons Banderloft to meet with her and DC and explains that DC is putting together a small party for a friend in Everlund and that he does so with the blessings of the Dawn Knights of Lathander. She also believes Banderloft’s training is complete and he is ready for such a calling.

Iona.JPG Iona has been poking around all the dives she knows in the city of wonders for a few days. She’s on good terms with the SilveryBlades and knows about “The Gutted Dragon”, “The Yawning Portal”, and “The Prancing Pony” which all have honorable owners and tend to attract at least some of the respectable rogues from the city. She also checks out the Temple of Tymora looking for any lost souls that have a good heart as well as a few guilds and tied into the merchants in town through DC. She ends up recruiting Dwafer the Dwarf barbarian and Se’if the Halfling rogue at The Gutted Dragon and finds Gaspard the Gnome at the Yawning Portal. They are asked to work security at the circus.

The group spent three days working security for DC Marvels’ Moment of Wonder circus, preventing some pick pockets from successfully stealing and interrupting a mugging, saving the life of one of the other security guards… but not before the three muggers escaped with information about the route that DC Marvels is planning on taking after leaving Waterdeep.

After the circus packs up DC explains that he was using the security assignment as a test to find a small group of honest adventurers to accompany him to Everlund to work for an old friend of his, the owner of the Moon River Trading Company. The group accompanies the circus caravan north from Waterdeep along The Long Road past Amphail, Red Larch, and Westbridge. The group has been riding point with Iona making sure the path forward is safe. Several days into the trip on The Long Road they have passed a funeral procession outside of Amphail, various merchants heading toward Waterdeep and a number of farmers along the way. On a particularly foggy morning, the group stumbles across a goblin ambush, taking out the goblins and their goblin rat-dogs like pros… allowing only “NitPik” the goblin scout to escape. Among the loot they find a map hidden in a masterwork bone scrollcase.



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