Gaspard the Afflicted


Gaspard the Afflicted is a gnome Sorcerer of the aberrant bloodline. He is unusually tall for a gnome, but also quite thin, and something is just slightly off about his appearance. His pale skin, vibrant green hair and purple eyes combine with his physique and unexplained magic to create a disturbing mystery about him. Eventually, he was cast out from the orphanage for one too many instances of his magical abilities going awry and causing some sort of disturbance or another.


Gaspard was found as a small child wandering in the tunnels of the Undermountain and taken up to the city by a group of adventurers. He was raised in an orphanage and has no recollection of his life before being found. Early on, his gnomish knack for magic revealed itself as more than normal, eventually developing to his current sorcerous skill levels.

Now he has been struggling for a few years to survive in the streets, attempting to control his magic, channel it towards good intentions, and learn more about his strange past. Some have guessed that he was cursed by some magical being, and others (including himself) have supposed that he might be some sort of creation, not even a real gnome.

Gaspard the Afflicted

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