Silver Marches

The Underdark

5 The Drawing Down, 1371
The Underdark

At dawn on 5 Drawing Down Banderloft led the way to Rhyester’s Matins (Lathander’s temple in Silverymoon). Immediately Kuth Charagon, Mornmaster’s second, approached and said “this may sound strange, but Onadar, our Mornmaster, asked me to bring you to him when you arrived. He described your shield and said you’d be here. I thought he was waking from a dream or something, but then you walked in.”

He led the party to the Mornmaster’s quarters to meet Onadar, a frail, elderly man with a white beard and white hair grown out of control and barely enough strength to whisper. He motioned for Banderloft to lean close and whispered “I’m dying and this church needs your help. My paryers were answered with a vision of you returning to Rhyster’s Matins with something called ‘The BrightDawn’ and placing it on the altar. The BrightDawn will choose my successor as Mornmaster.”

The party then met up with Jayce at the warehouse and prepared for the journey to Citadel Adbar through the Underdark. Jayce led the party through the city and to a small house. Once inside he opened a secret hatch in the floor that led to a huge staircase leading hundreds of feet down. There you met Thrane Swifthammer and his troop of dwarves Klona, Runkon, Druar, Herona (brother and sister), and Farum to accompany you on your journey. You also met Marcus, Tanon, Jon, Garon, and Krane who, along with Jayce, carry the crates.

After demonstrating the crates capabilities (light, floating disk, extra dimensional space controlled by the keys) Thrane led the way through a series of passageways with many twists and turns until you reached the Grey Snake, an underground river named for the minerals in the water giving it a greyish hew and chemical taste, although it is safe to drink. The party followed the Grey Snake for a few days, fighting a grey ooze, passing a fungus meadow and even hearing a flock of stirges during watch at night. At the start of the 3rd day underground (8 Drawing Down) a spider the size of a buckler shield falls from the ceiling and lands directly in front of Thrane. Thrane fed the creature and said it’s a carrier spider named Kloston as he removed a small note.

“Orcs have taken main road and started the blockade above ground. Drow have been seen outside Mezobarazzan. They will take the West Passage before month end. Hurry!”

Thrane said that at the current pace the party would not arrive in the Citadel by month end so the party decided to step up the pace and risk fatigue and detection. Moving at the brisk pace the party reached the 5-way crossing and turned away from the Grey Snake. The party faced a flock of stirges where benign transposition saved several team members from continued constitution drain. The party met Patronious, a Minotaur that recently escaped some kind of weird gladiator pit. After a discussion the party gave him directions to exit the Underdark outside of Silverymoon and even gave him one of the Moon River Trading Company coins to give to Jarem.
vegepygmy.jpgNext the party came to a room ½ covered in reddish brown mold growing over the floor and walls, and covering several mounds on the floor. An epic “Knowledge dungeoneering” check by Se’if identified it as a Vegepygmy patch, a dangerous mold that causes constitution damage and if it kills you a new patch springs up from your body, including small plant creatures that incubate in your body. After much planning the party used summoned elementals to carry the party (except Niven) across the mold while hiding in the crates. Despite all the planning, as soon as the elementals passed over the mold Vegepygmies jumped out of the mounds and attacked, but to very little effect.

Entroot.jpgContinuing on later that day the cave bent to the left and the party was facing what appeared to be a dense thicket of roots, gnarled with large knots and fresh axe cuts. Near the center of the root bundle the roots seemed to form facial features. Before you do anything, the root structure moves 10 feet toward you (1/2 the distance) and says menacingly “BE YOU ORCS? I SEE AXES!” The Entroot, is named Fangwood Gnarlroot. Fangwood explained that he had just escaped an orc tribe that attacked him with axes and fireballs and he described the cave where he fought the orcs. Thrane said he knows this as a place called Emerald Falls, not far from where the party was. After a long discussion, during which Fangwood relied on the Paladin’s honor, the party finally convinced him to join them to fight a group of orcs under the following conditions. The party (specifically the Paladin) promised to protect him, even providing a water elemental to help protect him from the “fireball” he described. They also promised to give Fangwood at least 2 live orcs for him to kill himself.
As the party prepared for the orc battle late in the day 12 Drawing Down, Banderloft used all but one “lay on hands” using his mercy to remove the fatigued condition from everyone except Niven. No other daily resources were depleted.


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