Silver Marches

"The Hidden"

1 The Drawing Down, 1371
“The Hidden”

After arriving at Everlund docks the surviving soldiers, led by Captain Striker, disembarked to report into the town guard. Firebeard, the barge captain accompanied you to the Moon River Trading Company storefront. After briefly talking to Firebeard, Jerem led you to a back room and debriefed the party on everything that happened since he last saw you. After listening to everything, Jerem recommended you go to the Vault of Sages to research the symbol and the arcane lay line. He also suggested you bring the priest’s body to Luck Priestess Lady Orsey at Fortune Hall. Jerem indicated that he needed you to head to Silverymoon soon anyway. He paused, leaned in, and whispered “now for the scary one…”

“Over the last several months I’ve heard whispers of someone or something that has been able to unite orcish clans under a single banner. I now fear that it is much worse than I originally thought… based upon the orc troop movement that you witnessed. The rumor is that it is not an orc at all, but the only name I’ve been able to ascertain after exhausting all possible leads is ‘Ghorlaa’ which is no name at all and is simply the Orcish word for “the Hidden”.

Jerem also gave the party members supplies and 2000 gp MRTC credit to prepare for the next assignment, accompanying an important caravan headed to Citadel Adbar through the Underdark. But first he needed the party to investigate a shipment to Silverymoon that went missing a few days ago and make every effort to retrieve a small chest hidden in the false bottom of one crate. The small chest is to be delivered to Rokus Stonecleave at Citadel Adbar. He holds the key.

Ettin.jpgA little past ½ way to Silverymoon the party followed some clues (upturned earth, dried blood, drag marks) East from the road and eventually found a Grizzly Bear next to a damaged crate. Once the party engaged the bear an Ettin came up behind the party and attacked the rear guard. Dwafer took on the bear and Banderloft stood toe-to-toe with the Ettin and both managed to overcome. The rogue was able to find the hidden chest and recover a few other items of value (including a +1 dagger stuck in the bear’s shoulder, masterwork breastplate and greatsword, size small adamantium dagger, a metal chest with flasks of acid and oil, and another small chest with 1200 gp).

A few hours outside of Silverymoon the Se’if and Niven spot an orc archer standing guard atop a hill just off the road. Using invisibility and stealth the party took out two orc archers and took the orc raiding party by surprise. The orcs were easily destroyed. As these orcs were part of the Bloody Claws orc clan (same symbol as the as the attacking ankhegs), so Gaspard suggested the orc bodies be carved with the Blood Tooth clan symbol in an attempt cause discord between the clans.

At the end of the day of 3 The Drawing Down the party entered Silverymoon. The next morning Banderloft led the party to Fortune Hall and met the Luck Priestess, Lady Orsey. She led you down to the catacombs below the temple and put the body of Lorras the Lucky on a stone platform. She said that he disappeared from Fortune Hall about five months ago and his son is being cared for by the temple. She took out a large coin with Tymora’s image and placed it on Lorras’ forehead. She asks you all to stand around the body, place your hands on him, and close your eyes and she utters a prayer to Tymora… Immediately you are brought back to the Dungeon where you found the PureHeart and you seem to be seeing through Lorras’ eyes…

You are back in the water room with the black path with the water draining out. You are being held by two thugs (dressed like the bodies you cut down from the roots) and in front of you is a tall dark figure with a hood pulled over his head, hiding his face. He is holding the PureHeart, using a rag so as not to accidentally “touch” it, and you can see the symbol tattooed on the back of his hand. In a growly voice he orders another soldier “Open the portal and bring the cleric into the chamber.” He then looks at you and says “You will channel your god when the statues enter the temple or your son will spend his life as my slave!” You are then dragged into the final room of the dungeon while the dark figure waits out-of-sight.

The dwarven statues come out of the walls and say “Demonstrate, so we may see, your good intent, and let you be”

You see Lorras hold up his holy symbol and pray to Tymora and the statues say “To exit this place you must be within the standing stones when they when they are fully charged.” then return to the walls.

You see a scepter on a stand against the back wall of the room. It has a black and silver metal handle and a large glowing green gemstone. The dark figure moves past you and eagerly picks up the scepter and slams down PureHeart onto the stand.
One of the soldiers asks “Is that the one, Gh…”

“SILENCE” says the hooded figure, “Kill him” as he points to you and suddenly everything goes dark!

Lastly, the party visited the Vault of Sages and met with Niven’s mentor Bartrim Anglescloth. After much discussion

  • The archivists will research the symbol that Niven drew for him
  • The sages are going to study the remains of the pick that absorbed arcane energy from the lay line
  • The Scepter from the vision is “The Scepter of Lorentz” an evil artifact that was hidden over 300 years ago because the clerics and wizards in the Silver Marches were unable to destroy it no matter what they tried

Finally, “Ghorlaa” and “the Hidden” sounded familiar to Bartrim. He disappeared for a while and came back with an old scroll.
After reading the scroll Bartrim tells you the High Hammer of Citadel Adbar in 1023 is still the High Hammer today. He tells you he had the scribes make this copy of this scroll for you to take with you.


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