Silver Marches

The Cranesfall Dungeon

15 The Rotting, 1371
The Cranesfall Dungeon

CallingCircleHills.JPGAfter searching the spiders nest and finding a Ring of Protection +1 the party studied the Calling Circle stones which are six black triangular obelisk stones stretching out of the barren ground of the foothills and marked with engraved lines and holes all over, some lining up between facing stones.

CallingCircleForest.JPGWhen the full moon crossed overhead those inside the circle got a light show that grew extremely bright and when it faded away, the party was standing in another calling circle, this time in the forest. Six stone dwarf-shaped golems extricated themselves from the stones and the party heard in dwarven “Demonstrate, so we may see, your good intent, and let you be.” Once the paladin used Lay on Hands to channel positive energy the party was told to stay within site of the circle and be within it when the full moon passed overhead and the golems reinserted themselves into the stones.

Symbol.JPGThe party teleported into the dungeon in the Calling Circle room but the obelisk stones protruded out of the ceiling and the party fell to the floor, meanwhile the calling stones were charging up and occasionally fill the room with electricity. From there the party found the root room (with some bodies tangled up in the roots near the ceiling where the roots are animated). Upon cutting down the bodies, the group found a masterwork long sword and magic backpack filled with mundane items and discovered a symbol branded on the neck of each of the mercenaries’ bodies. They then headed south through cavern with a rope bridge high over an underground river and through a riddle door into the symbol room where they had to figure out which plates were safe to step on, making use of an unseen servant carrying a dead body. The party made their way to another room with a riddle that they figured out meant “Every second step is a trap” before going down a long staircase that was about 100 steps down.

At the bottom of the stairs was a metal door that opened by turning a wheel on it. The party found themselves in a large hexagonal room with a winding black path of polished marble and the rest of the room covered with yellow and green fungus that glowed and released spores when touched. The opposite door had a locking mechanism with five puzzles and five locks, but as soon as someone approached the door, the entry door flew shut and the room started filling with icy cold water and the occasional snake. The puzzles were easy enough if you knew your local history, especially dwarven history, but the locks were tough to pick. The water was 11 feet deep once the rogue picked the last lock and the room began to drain and the door unlocked.
Opening the door, the party found an alter meant to hold something else with a large shield awkwardly placed on top, the body of a priest of Tymora on the floor, and six dwarf-shaped statues that look like the golems of the standing stones in the Calling Circle. Once Banderloft picked up the PureHeart the statues came to life. After a quick Lay on Hands the group heard in dwarven “To exit this place you must be within the standing stones when they when they are fully charged”.

Finally the party returned to the entry area to check out the circular staircase and found that to be a trap with a gelatinous cube at the bottom to clean up the mess. After defeating the cube the party found, in addition to some gold, platinum and silver, several mundane items and an Amulet of Natural Armor +1 and a +1 Long Sword.


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