Silver Marches

Orcs and Giants

26 The Rotting, 1371
Orcs and Giants

In the aftermath of the battle with the fire mephitis Gilmer, Kahmala, and Baroun try to take stock of what was and was not lost. Accounting for the 9 miners that were killed by the Ogres before you saved them and the bodies that they can find slaughtered and burned in the bonfire, there are still 4 miners that they couldn’t find, 2 dwarves (brothers named Kilim and Klonas) and 2 humans (Shawna and Millen). You find your way to a safe room on the other side of the explosion and it is locked from the other side. The door is surprisingly strong and clearly made by master dwarven craftsmen. After giving the all clear knock signal, Shana, Kilim and Klonas open the door. They had been hiding in there, along with a cart of oar that they pulled in with them. The Oar is silver in color, but with two shades…(mostly silver, with a small bit of mithril) They are shocked and horrified when they hear the tale of everything that has befallen the miners and they have no idea where Millen may be, although he was further away from the blast.

orc_army.jpgThe party decided to look for Millen before doing anything else, thinking he may have escaped to the exit. They made their way through the active mine and along the long path to the exit. On the way they came across another apparent cave-in. Upon closer inspection, you find that it just appears to be a cave in and was actually camouflage to hide two more ore carts by making it look like it was a cave-in. Upon reaching the exit the party sees a large orc patrol (more than 30 strong, with warg riders) stopping for lunch not even 100 feet from the mine entrance. What’s more, Millen could be clearly seen hiding in the bushes approximately ¾ of the way to the orcs. With a silent image illusion Niven was able to hide both Millen and the mine entrance until the orcs finally continued their march North. Once the orcs pass, it is fairly late. Millen is reunited with the other survivors and they all lament everything that has befallen them.

The surviving miners decide to try and clear and lock up equipment in the safe rooms and storage rooms as though closing for the winter. They were going to have to close down shortly anyway, and with almost all of the mining crew dead, they are not able to continue. The party stayed the night in the mine and in the morning set forth down the mountain. The path was not easy and it took two whole days to get to Sundabar. The night is passed at a hidden shelter half way between the mine and Sundabar. Although it is very unusual to see orcs in such numbers out during the day. It seems as though they are marching north for something, and at in the morning black smoke could be seen rising from the direction of the orc party, along with 2 others, one in front of the party and one behind the party.

The miners were recognized and the party was able to enter Sunabar without incident. The MRTC is prominent there and when you showed your coin and told your story to the manager of the MRTC store (Horace Bluefire) he said “Jarem is looking for your party and you are to accompany the oar and other items on a barge leaving tomorrow down the River Rauvin toward Everlund and Silverymoon. The captain of the trade barge is just called Firebeard… you’ll know why when you see him.”

As you were brought to barge you saw a huge man standing at the helm with a coppery tone to his skin and as he turns toward you see his beard is red, orange, and yellow and appears to be dancing like a fire.

Hill_giant_-_Jason_Engle.jpgThe barge stopped in Jalanthar and Lhuvenshead along the four day ride to Everlund. A few hous past Lhuvenshead you saw a battle going on up ahead. It appeared to be a group of Confederation of the Silver Marches soldiers fighting Hill Giants… and the barge was quickly closing ground. As you get closer you see one of the four giants drop, but the militia men are taking tremendous losses. The party engaged as quickly as possible with benign transposition with injured soldiers, and the barge guards unleashed volley after volley of arrows, bringing down one of the giants. Finally, the party and the 5 soldiers that remained standing were able to bring down the last two giants. After checking the 25 soldiers laying injured and dead, 9 more were able to be tended and saved. As the sun set on 1 The Drawing Down, 1371 the barge entered the walls of Everlund.


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