Silver Marches

DC Marvels and The Long Road

6 Leaffall, 1371
Waterdeep, DC Marvels’ Moment of Wonder, and The Long Road

DC_Marvels.JPG In the morning, DC Marvels meets with the leadership at the Spires of the Morning (Waterdeeps largest temple to Lathander). Following the meeting, a Dawn Knight Paladin named Alavra Cartia summons Banderloft to meet with her and DC and explains that DC is putting together a small party for a friend in Everlund and that he does so with the blessings of the Dawn Knights of Lathander. She also believes Banderloft’s training is complete and he is ready for such a calling.

Iona.JPG Iona has been poking around all the dives she knows in the city of wonders for a few days. She’s on good terms with the SilveryBlades and knows about “The Gutted Dragon”, “The Yawning Portal”, and “The Prancing Pony” which all have honorable owners and tend to attract at least some of the respectable rogues from the city. She also checks out the Temple of Tymora looking for any lost souls that have a good heart as well as a few guilds and tied into the merchants in town through DC. She ends up recruiting Dwafer the Dwarf barbarian and Se’if the Halfling rogue at The Gutted Dragon and finds Gaspard the Gnome at the Yawning Portal. They are asked to work security at the circus.

The group spent three days working security for DC Marvels’ Moment of Wonder circus, preventing some pick pockets from successfully stealing and interrupting a mugging, saving the life of one of the other security guards… but not before the three muggers escaped with information about the route that DC Marvels is planning on taking after leaving Waterdeep.

After the circus packs up DC explains that he was using the security assignment as a test to find a small group of honest adventurers to accompany him to Everlund to work for an old friend of his, the owner of the Moon River Trading Company. The group accompanies the circus caravan north from Waterdeep along The Long Road past Amphail, Red Larch, and Westbridge. The group has been riding point with Iona making sure the path forward is safe. Several days into the trip on The Long Road they have passed a funeral procession outside of Amphail, various merchants heading toward Waterdeep and a number of farmers along the way. On a particularly foggy morning, the group stumbles across a goblin ambush, taking out the goblins and their goblin rat-dogs like pros… allowing only “NitPik” the goblin scout to escape. Among the loot they find a map hidden in a masterwork bone scrollcase.



Ethan said, “That was really great! You are the best DM Ever!!!”

DC Marvels and The Long Road

Chris said, “WOW! That’s a lot of work! Thank you. I love it! Great job. I cannot wait for our game to continue!!!”

DC Marvels and The Long Road
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