Silver Marches

This campaign takes place in the Silver Marches which is located in the North West corner of Faerun between the Sword Coast and Anarouch just south of the Spine of the World ice capped mountain range.

Session Log:

10th session: 9/17/2916

8th & 9th sessions: 8/19/2016 & 8/26/2016 The Underdark

7th session: 6/24/2016 “The Hidden”

6th session: 6/18/2016 Orcs and Giants

5th session: 5/1/2016 The Black Spire Mine

4th session: 4/2/2016 The Mountain Pass

3rd session: 1/29/2016 The Cranesfall Dungeon

2nd session: 1/8/2016 Moon River Trading Company

1st session: 12/18/2015 DC Marvels and The Long Road

Silver Marches

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